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USA Girl Scouts - Kuwait

Cadette/Senior Troop 26
Thinking Day Postcard Exchange 2004

Would you like an Thinking Day ecard from Kuwait? Click below to see each of our 2 ecards and print them, or right click and "save the target" to download the ecards to your computer. Please note that these cards are in Adobe Acrobat format.

*Note If you need a FREE Adobe Acrobat reader, go to this website:
Adobe® Acrobat Free Reader

Ecards 1 & 2 are available by email only. (They print well if you have hotmail, on one piece of paper.) Email Ecard 1 or Ecard 2 if you'd like a copy.

Ecard 3   Ecard 4

Ecard 5 Ecard 6

Click here to see the postcards we sent

Under construction some, but some cards are displayed.

Click here to see the postcards we received from USA troops

Click here to see postcards we received from outside the USA

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Chairman, USA Girl Scouts - Kuwait

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